Holistic Spirit offers well-being for YOUR mind, body & soul

In a society with a lot of expectations, it can be a challenge to create a balanced life. We tend to treat different symtoms & problems with logical models, but somehow forget: Who is the person beyond? How does life look in general? How do we create genuine wellness, in all areas?

To live holistic is to see yourself as an individual where all different parts contribute to a bigger wholeness. Through seeing our life in different perspectives we can improve our health and create a genuine well-being. I believe that every individual with unique tools can create the life of their dreams.


vårt fokus är


När vi vågar göra medvetna val ökar vårt välbefinnande.


Meningen med livet är att vara i balans, så att man därefter har förmågan att fokusera, göra val och prioriteringar som gör livet roligt och meningsfullt att leva.

UNIK potential

Att våga prioritera & älska sig själv är grunden till att hitta sin egen potential.


FOR a life filled with energy

Att leva holistiskt innebär att se på sig själv som en hel individ där alla delar bidrar till en större helhet. Denna helhet skapar ett genuint välbefinnande och vi kan förbättra vår hälsa genom att se livet ur olika perspektiv.

Intuitive guidance

from 1099 SEK

As a holistic life coach my goal is to guide you to a life filled with energy and passion, where you can let go of the limitations that are holding you back.

In an intuitive guidance session we begin with you telling me about why you seek guidance and what your expectations are. I use my knowledge from health care and alternative medicine in to find unique tools for you creating a life filled with happiness. You will get amazed of all the opportunities you create when you choose with your heart, and how much love you can feel for the life you are living.

At the moment I am offering these sessions by Facetime or messenger, and you choose if your camera is on or off, for me it doesn't matter.


reiki healing

from 1220 SEK

Are you feeling a bit tired and in need of an energy boost? Reiki is a Japanese technique for relaxation and stress reduction, and help improve your bodys ability to heal.

Reiki is a simple, yet powerful, technique. "Rei" means universal, which tells us that this healing force is always present. This force has the capability to understand every human being, and shows the practitioner how to heal your body. "Ki" means, as "Chi" in Chinese and "Prana" in Sanskrit, vital energy.

With my Reiki Healing I want to create an energizing healing moment: a special moment for you. I am currently offering healing at distance or on site, with a follow-up session.





November 2018

Enjoy four days filled with stillness, beauty & activities for your body & soul in Estellence. During this Estellence Retreat we will make an inner journey through yoga, meditation & exercises, where we get to focus on finding our inner self. When you leave us our expectations are that you feel calm, balanced and focused on what the priorities are in your life.


April 2020

More info about Esporles Retreat coming up at the end of the year


September 2020

More info about Valldemossa Retreat coming up next spring

Want to know more about our upcoming Retreats?

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with love & Compassion

"A remarkable thing happens As we go through life...

We get too caught up in daily life and forget what brings us joy. We have changed, got stuck in routines, and no longer know what makes our soul sing.  

I reached this point a couple years back, had
everything that are supposed to make us happy, but still felt sad and bored. I had so much to feel grateful for, but still could not feel it. I tried to understand what was wrong.

It wasn't until I got the chance to devote all my time whole heartedly to this inner journey, that my inner voice began telling me what was missing. It was no one else's fault, just a result of always striving to please others and not missing out on a single thing.

I am an educated district nurse, and have during the last 30 years met many different individuals in crisis. I have talked with a lot of people, and really appreciate their trust in telling me their life-stories, which have taught me so much about life.

In my guidance sessions I have a lot of help from my education as a Holistic Life Coach 2019, Reiki Healer 2000 & Feng Shui Consult 2013. Thanks to daily yoga & meditation I have been able to open up and trust the intuition/guidance as I was born with.

Everything in life is about energies; energies between humans, animals, nature and material things. My goal is to help you find your true self and live the life you've been dreaming about.

Through learning; about who we really are and getting more in touch with ourselves, we can start making conscious choices and create a life that makes us feel good.

When we start to love, accept & respect ourselves, it will bring joy to everyone around us."

- Marit Gramstad

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